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Youth Apologetics Conference

There was a recent Gallup survey that talked about the statistics of Christianity in America. The numbers were concerning, as they have dropped quite a bit over the past 50+ years. Furthermore, when it comes to teenagers, the numbers are even more concerning based off of other polls. This current generation is labeled “generation none” due to their lack of belief in any higher power.

There has been progression in scientific theories and ideas that “tickle the ears” of the younger generation, which seems to be a major reason for progression in their lack of belief in God. Fortunately, these ideas and scientific theories break down once they are questioned and probed. Unfortunately, many Christians and students do not know how to break down these theories and ideas.

This weekend 23 students and eight youth staff, including myself, went to Seattle for a youth apologetics conference called Reality Apologetics. There were some well-known apologists who attended, such as J. Warner Wallace (pictured above), Greg Koukl, Mary Jo Sharp, Amy Hall, and many more. This conference taught our students about defending their faith, how to question others in a loving way, and the reliability of scripture.

One thing I loved about the conference is they did not shy away from tough topics. They had sessions and breakout sessions on LBGTQ, Why Hell?, Deconstructionism, Evidence for Christianity, Reliability of Scripture When We Have No Original Copies, Variations of the Gospels, Hurt Within the Church, and so many others.

I had the opportunity to chat with the majority of the students afterward to gather their thoughts about the conference. I heard everything from “the conference was incredible” to “the conference helped me with my walk with Christ.” The organization who led the conference, Stand to Reason, is coming back next year to Seattle, and I am excited to take another group of students to become better equipped on how to defend their faith.

Next time you have an opportunity to chat with one of our students, ask them how the conference went and how it impacted their faith!

In Yeshua,
Matt Arnett
Youth Ministry Intern

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