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A Father’s Day Gift Idea: Light

For those searching for a helpful gift for the dads in their life, I want to commend a light I received last year that I have found really useful. I’m not talking about one of those high-powered flashlights. I have one of those too and I love it. It almost feels like a weapon. But it’s not exactly a tool I use every day.

The light I’m recommending is a book of Scripture titled, Daily Light For MenI can hear the groans of fellow dads. Most would get far more excited about a 900,000 lumen flashlight than a book, especially one with no pictures. And devotional books in general are often not much to get excited about, especially those with titles like Daily Light For Men. Sounds too much like Chicken Soup for a Mother-in-Law’s Soul. Seems more like a way to cash in on a sentimental holiday than a worthy read.

But I have found this particular devotional to be unusually helpful. The main reason is that God wrote it. Yep, Daily Light for Men is 100% organic Scripture with no additives or artificial sweeteners. There are 365 short daily readings, each fitting easily on a single page. Each reading is comprised of a several Scriptures that share a common theme.

Now obviously, I’m a huge fan of the Bible. But I found myself repeatedly impressed at how compelling I find these daily collections. I was impressed to learn that the origin of this volume goes back to the 1800’s and Bagster family of England. Grandfather Samuel Bagster owned a publishing firm, and his son Jonathan began compiling these readings for the family worship gatherings. The family actively refined the Scripture selections for these readings through discussion, prayer and careful thought. Many years later, Jonathan’s son, Robert Bagster, published the readings as Daily Light on the Daily Path.

Yes, Daily Light for Men is a book. But I have found it to be an excellent light.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. (Psalm 119:105)

Pastor Toby

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